Kasey Roberts

Program Director
Kasey Roberts is the Program Director for the State YMCA of Pennsylvania. A PA YAG alum and former Presiding Officer, Kasey has stayed involved with the State YMCA as well as branches across Pennsylvania for the past 8 years in various capacities. She believes deeply in the value of youth development programming, having seen the significant impact on her own life and those of her peers. Kasey has been with the State YMCA since November 2021 and is a recent graduate of Temple University. 

Greg Rudder

Executive Director
Greg Rudder is the Executive Director for the State YMCA Pennsylvania.  Greg began his career with the (Bob Hoffman Branch) YMCA of The Roses serving as a Program Director and later as the Executive Director for the Juniata Valley YMCA.  Before returning to the YMCA to serve in this role, he served as the Executive Director of a residence camp in Upper Bucks County PA and more recently as an educator in central PA. He is a strong proponent for leadership development focusing on youth led advocacy and service learning.